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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with the complexities of the Bible? Perhaps you’ve wished for a helpful guide that could take you through the text book-by-book to explain its meaning and context in a way that is familiar and accessible. Our Daily Bread Sourcebook is meant to be that guide. Both fun and factual, it includes everything from the top ten interesting facts of each book to archaeological evidence proving its historical relevance. The Our Daily Bread Bible Sourcebook breaks down all 66 books of the Bible into these categories:

  • Who—A narrative regarding the book’s author
  • What—An overview of what the book is about
  • When—Historical context for when biblical events took place
  • Why—The overall purpose of that book, including key takeaways
  • Wow—Cultural relevance to us today, including references outside the church
  • Worth Remembering—Noteworthy passages and suggested verses to memorize

Don’t let the Bible overwhelm you. Dive into this sourcebook and encounter Scripture in a whole new way!

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ISBN 978-1-62707-924-2
author Dave Branon
Binding Paperback
Pages 272
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