How To Shop



Find Products

  1. You can use the “Search” engine to type in keywords or specific description such as the authors and titles e.g. David Roper, Above All, Classical Praise, etc.
  2. New or Recommended or Promotion products will be featured selectively on the Home page from time to time.

Select Products

    1. Before deciding your order, click on “Add to Wish List” to store all your selection(s).
    2. To proceed with your order, click on “Add to Cart”
    3. To add more items in the Wish List or the Cart, click on “Continue Shopping”.
    4. To end your shopping, click on “Log Out” for Wish List contents or “Checkout” for Cart items.

Enter Membership Particulars

    1. After Checkout, you are required to enter your member ID and Password which you have already registered with DHD.
    2. For first-time shopper who has not registered, please click on the “Register” link to provide your personal details for membership registration.


Enter Shipping Particulars

    1. Select your destination area (West Malaysia/East Malaysia) by using the drop down menu in the “Shipping Address” section.
    2. Shipping charges are calculated automatically according to the destination area and added to the total payment amount (please read “Shipping Policy”…)

Enter Payment Particulars

    1. Select your preferred payment method as shown on the menu.
    2. Payments by way of Cheque, Postal Order and Direct Banking (internet/tele-transfer) to our bank accounts with CIMB Bank or Alliance Bank.
    3. Online payment via Paypal (accepts debit/credit card payment).


Confirmation of Order

    1. To confirm your order, click on “Finish”.
    2. Order will only be processed and shipped after the receipt of full payments within 14 working days from the date of order.


 For more details, please refer to TERMS AND CONDITIONS.